Things you should know ...

I know how hard it is to find a good breeder and a healthy pup these days and I have written down several things below you should know before seeking a breeder and a pup.

I have been a breeder for over 30 years. Years ago I was a show breeder and was apart of the clubs. At the time I felt I needed to belong to be accepted into the breeder world. Well I was so wrong, the things that happen at the shows and what breeders do to each other is beyond horrible and the poor dogs that suffer because of this. Not a thing I want to be apart of or support.


The internet is all geared to buy only from a Show breeder or breeders that belong to the "Breed Clubs"
They state on their Club websites that club breeders are the only breeders who care about the breeds, their dogs and do everything right to insure the very Best, this is so far from the Truth!

Don't let these Club Logo's fool you, most hide behind the logo and don't follow the standards or even breed healthy puppies. These Clubs have double standards and are run very poorly

I know a lot of really good breeders that also choose not to be part of the "clubs" or "groups" that do everything possible to ensure the best puppies and would do anything for their dogs but because they don't have the logo on their page they are called back yard breeders or puppy mills.

My 2 oldest daughter's were breeders for many years, and were Exceptional breeders but neither could take the constant public harrassment from these Club Breeders and their groupies. Sad to think that these club Breeders have nothing better to do with their time.

Go meet these breeders and their dogs and decide for yourself...

Line breeding or inbreeding is also big in the show world (breeding father back to daughter etc) I'm sorry but this just isn't right.


I was foolish a few times and bought these tight bred show dogs, these dogs were not even good pets, scared of anything that moved, would hide when people came over. Always terrified. Tried to talk to these breeders and of course they did "nothing" wrong and it must be just me, one breeder told me to go to walmart and buy calming remedy ( which by the way does not solve a tightly bred dog). I have had many dogs over the years and I can spot an inbred dog a mile away. Newfoundlands are Not timid, Not scared and don't hide from people


again go visit the breeders and dogs...

A great place to find all the breeders in one place is go to a Dog Show
and see for yourself how these "Show" breeders treat their dogs and how these Newfoundlands are scared and timid, and try to ask these breeders questions, most will blow you off, they are too busy and too Important to take the time to tell you about the dogs and don't ever try to touch their dogs, these are important show dogs that can never be touched!

They say they all follow the "Standards" then why do so many of these breeders have no testing on their dogs? Maybe it's too far for them to travel like one breeder in Saskatchewan says to excuse her none testing on her dogs, why is she still a member? Isn't testing #1 in the standards? Why do so many of these breeders have no pictures of their kennel on their web sites? Or contact numbers? no email address's? No OFA Testing, No Questionnaires? Just a submit form and of course the Logo.


I have championships on a few of my older dogs and it doesn't change the dog at all, doesn't make the dog produce better pups, it's a piece of paper.



My Motto is dare to be Different and I am So glad I am nothing like these breeders I stand behind my pups, dogs and breeding program 110%, I do the health testing, I screen families and look for the best homes, I truly love my dogs. I require families to come out for a visit before any deposits are taken so they can meet me, ask questions and see my dogs and kennel

Do your home work before you send out a deposit...

My purpose of this page is to make families more aware and not think the only good breeders out there are the clubs members/ show breeders.

There are several breeders in Canada that I know and a few in the USA that have beautiful healthy dogs that just choose not to be caught up in the poorly run clubs.



I am aware of the bad reviews these Show breeders have posted. They claim their goal is to protect the Newfoundland breed from people who, essentially, are not part of their Club - or those they do not believe should breed, and so on. They are the height of presumption and pretension. Worse, they know no lengths as to how far they will go to attempt to destroy someone who stands up to them.
I have been standing up to them for years, but this time they have gone too far. The lies these people have posted are horrendous. The sad thing is people believe everything they read online.
I have dedicated my whole life to my wonderful dogs. I have met so many wonderful families who still send updated pictures and Christmas Cards. I get emails from people thanking me for the best dog they have ever had. Or the families I have helped with special needs children. How patients light up when they see my dogs come into the hospitals. I am not this monster they want you to believe I am.
So please take a few minutes and go through my web site to see what I stand Up for



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