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Dog Supplies

Everyone always ask what I use on my dogs, so have decided to bring a few things in, these products we use and love them

We have several new items coming in all the time

We try our best to beat the dog store prices, our starter kits are well below any dog store or wal mart prices


I am always getting new things in and some things are discontinued so my supplies are always changing

so I have pictures below of some of the things I stock

New dog beds

36 inches pink bed


36 inches light pink bed


36 inches slate blue bed


36 inches medium blue bed


36 inches light blue bed


36 inches Furry blue with pink paw prints bed


42 inches Bright Orange bed


42 inches neon greenbed



have 42 inch crates to match the beds

Top Performance Baby Powder shampoo

We use this on puppies and even our adult dogs, leaves the coats shiny and smells wonderful

Baby powder conditioner leaves the coats very easy to come through

We use these a lot on puppies no matter how many time we bath them they are always getting into mess's, these are great for quick cleaning of the faces, paws
This we use on our adult dogs, a bottle goes a long ways 50:1, excellent shampoo for even the dirtiest Newfs!

Another wonderful product, tearless puppy shampoo


A lot of people ask what we use for grooming, well this is the favorite grooming tool in the dog palace, nice sturdy handle for those heavy coats
Very sturdy brush made from bamboo, another must for the thick coats
Slicker brush, bamboo handle
Puppy teething toy, they love these.
this is just a fun bathing towel for the pups, they look so silly and adorable as your drying them off

Travel beginners crate


Travel beginners crate






Colognes for pups and dogs, safe and smell wonderful


Couldn't resist bring these collars in, all our dogs are "Bad to the Bone"


bad to the bone harness


bad to the bone leash


puppy harness


multi colored leashes and collars


for the spoiled dogs


Kong toys


Water Bottles: these are wonderful for the car trips, flip them open and you have a drinking dish

out of stock

All the dogs have these, can't be chewed, clean up a breeze, can secure the handle so the Newfs don't knock them over to have a swim


Princess harness
With a realistic fur coat, 12 squeakers, and a grunt in the tail, these toys will help satisfy the instinctive nature of your dog. Did You Know? Toys that mimic the natural colors and textures of animal fur like our Real Animal Squeaker Mats tap into the instinctual drives that help keep dogs healthy and engaged.
out of stock
Dogs can’t resist the crunch and crackle of water bottles. Bottle Buddies use recycled and replaceable water bottles. These plush-covered toys can be used over and over again!

Oatmeal Anti Itch shampoo


Dogs love squeaker toys but become bored after they stop making noise. Invincibles are stuffing-less toys that contain patent-pending squeakers. They keep squeaking, even after being punctured. Invincibles are great for dogs who lose interest in plush toys after they have “killed” the squeakers i.e. dogs with sharp teeth!

The Excursion Backpack provides an excellent way to travel around town or on the trail! This easy-on/easy-off design is loaded with custom features to meet you and your pet’s needs


Spa Puppy Shampoo


Pet Head Shampoo


Pet Head Tangle spray

wonderful product!


Pet head Shampoo


Puppy Shampoo and Conditioner


Ultimate shampoo


Oxy med spray

Great for hot spots and cuts


Pet head shampoo

smell so good






Tangles away spray

wonderful product




Mink Oil Conditioner




Stuffless toys


Stuffless toys


Stuffed Bears


Water Bottle Pets


Kong toys


Seat Covers
Seat Covers

Squeaking toys, impossible to break


Floating Kong, great for the water dogs


Kong Binkie


Squeaking Snake


Soft Cuddly Monkeys


stuffed storks


seat covers


packages available
packages available
Back Packs
Back Packs
Back Packs

Life jackets


colors: pink, orange, red, green and blue

sizes med to XL



also carry new puppy toys like a stuff toy with a beating heart sound, stuff toys that can be heated for your new puppy to feel safe

Lots of new products


"The Dog Palace"

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