Things you should know ...

I know how hard it is to find a good breeder and a healthy pup these days and I have written down several things below you should know before seeking a breeder and a pup. I know myself when I was trying to find a healthy bernese puppy and why I eventually flew to Belgium to finally find the right dogs for me

The internet is all geared to buy only from a Show breeder or breeders that belong to the "Breed Clubs"
They state on their Club websites that club breeders are the only breeders who care about the breeds, their dogs and do everything right to insure the very Best, this is so far from the Truth!

Don't let these Club Logo's fool you, most hide behind the logo and don't follow the standards or even breed healthy puppies. These Clubs have double standards and are run very poorly

Line breeding or inbreeding is also big in the show world (breeding father back to daughter etc) and yes even my european dogs are linebred but are never linebred again once they arrive here. I have had several bernese over the years with "extra" tight pedigrees and between poor temperaments and health issues they were never bred and retired here as pets



I was lucky enough with my last imported bernese to get a few out cross litters (unrelated dogs) and I couldn't be happier, wonderful temperaments, no health issues, just solid happy Bernese

I have been a breeder for over 30 years. Years ago I was a show breeder and was apart of the clubs. At the time I felt I needed to belong to be accepted into the breeder world. Well I was so wrong, the things that happen at the shows and what breeders do to each other is beyond horrible and the poor dogs that suffer because of this.
No Thanks!

I am slammed by other breeders because I am not part of their groups but I am ok with that for I am doing my own thing and couldn't be happier

I have championships on a few of my older dogs and it doesn't change the dog at all, doesn't make the dog produce better pups, it's a piece of paper

Go meet the breeders, ask questions...


It is So important to do your homework before you send a deposit or buy a puppy. Go meet the breeder and their dogs, see the parents, ask questions



Or the designer Breeders that think it is cool to breed the Bernese to Border Collies, Poodles, Labs etc.

People think by breeding "designer" dogs you will have a healthier dog and are so wrong! They are combining health issues from 2 or 3 breeds and throwing them all together. Most of these "designer" breeders can't get a good breeder to sell them a dog so have poorly bred dogs to start with and now combining them.

I just shake my head when people call and ask if I breed my Bernese to my Newfoundland's Just Crazy!

The Bernese are Beautiful Dogs why would you want to change them?


If you don't feel good about the breeder don't buy just for the sake of getting a pup.

Puppies are All Cute just make sure you know what your getting and whats behind the puppy

My purpose of this page is to make families more aware and not think the only good breeders out there are the clubs members/ show breeders.

There are several breeders in Canada that have beautiful healthy dogs that just choose not to be caught up in the poorly run clubs

We import all our Bernese from Europe, they are so different from the ones you see in Canada and the USA, they look like they were meant to look, very stocky, full long coats, massive heads and Wonderful Temperaments. I have come across several bernese in Alberta and most are so afraid and timid, it is sad. Bernese are Not a timid breed so don't accept breeders excuses on why the parents are shy. If the parents have poor temperaments then so will the Pups! Make sure to go visit breeders and see the parents, and don't have a pup shipped and don't settle for a picture of the Male, hard to tell temperament from a picture


I am aware of the bad reviews these Show breeders have posted. They claim their goal is to protect the Bernese breed from people who, essentially, are not part of their Club - or those they do not believe should breed, and so on. They are the height of presumption and pretension. Worse, they know no lengths as to how far they will go to attempt to destroy someone who stands up to them.
I have been standing up to them for years, but this time they have gone too far. The lies these people have posted are horrendous. The sad thing is people believe everything they read online.
I have dedicated my whole life to my wonderful dogs. I have met so many wonderful families who still send updated pictures and Christmas Cards. I get emails from people thanking me for the best dog they have ever had. Or the families I have helped with special needs children. How patients light up when they see my dogs come into the hospitals. I am not this monster they want you to believe I am.
So please take a few minutes and go through my web site to see what I stand Up for


My Motto is dare to be Different and I am So glad I am nothing like these breeders I stand behind my pups, dogs and breeding program 110%, I do the health testing, I screen families and look for the best homes, I truly love my dogs. I encourage families to come out for a visit before any deposits are taken so they can meet me, ask questions and see my dogs and kennel


Here are some links I found, first one is long and very sad and what I have been fighting for years. It is based in the UK but same standards and breeders over here in Canada

Both are worth your time


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Line breeding/inbreeding~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Here are some of the health issues that have happened over the last decade from line/inbreeding

Pug Breed Commonly Affected By Pedigree Dog Inbreeding

Dogs and humans go back a long way. Thousands of years of mutual kinship has cemented our loving relationship with our canine friends. It is no accident that a dog is said to be ‘Man’s best friend.’ As a consequence of our close ties with dogs, we owe a duty of care to protect and look after these animals. These duty has been breached in the case of pedigree dog inbreeding.
Sadly, a lot of pedigree dog breeding has caused serious complications for dogs. Several breeds have been devastated by inbreeding and if current attitudes and habits persist many breeds will become infertile and die out such is the seriousness of the problem.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks

A recent BBC programme, Pedigree Dogs Exposed, highlighted the plight of many Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs. It is now known that the ‘ridge’ is a mild form of spina bifida. The ridge can cause serious complications for the breed.

About ten per cent of Rhodesian Ridgebacks suffer from dermoid sinus which are holes that can burrow the whole way into either the dog’s spinal cord or brain.

Pugs: Genetically Deformed
Pug dogs are one of the most inbred of all dog breeds. The pedigree is so inbred, genetically-speaking, it is
more endangered than the Panda Bear.

Knee disorders, stomach problems, larynx collapses, elongated soft pallets and breathing problems brought about because of its squashed face are just some of the issues that affects pugs.

Other problems pugs are also challenged with include a curvature of the spine and a propensity to suffer from eye injuries largely caused by a lack of facial structure which would normally protect the dog. The spinal problems are caused by dog breeder’s desire to have a curled tail called a ‘screw tail’.

Pedigree Dog Inbreeding: The Devastating Bulldog Changes
Modern English Bulldogs are a far cry from their bull-baiting predecessors. A popular myth that surrounds the dogs facial appearance is that the folds of skin are said to channel away the bull’s blood from the dog’s eyes. The facial structure is also said to allow the dog to breathe while it is holding on to the bull.
Both of these stories can be proved to be false when one draws a comparison to the original dog. The much longer jawline and the absence of facial skin folds shows these notions to be fabrications.

If modern bulldogs were used for bull-baiting now, they would in all probability be killed by the bull as they lack the necessary agility.
The bulldog has become so distorted that assistance is often required for mating and birth. According to the Journal of Small Animal Practice 80 per cent of these dogs have to have a Caesarian section performed due to their large heads getting stuck in the birth canal.

Most airline companies will not fly bulldog, pekingese and pug breeds simply because they are prone to respiratory disease and dying on transit. One/fifth of these dogs die due to heart attacks.

Breeds Affected By Pedigree Inbreeding
Dachshunds originally had much longer legs. Now its stomach scraps along the ground. They are beset by joint and spinal problems.
Labradors experience joint and eye disorders.
Springer spaniels suffer from an enzyme deficiency found solely in that particular breed.
Golden Retrievers develop an abnormally high level of cancer.
The West Island Terrier are affected by a large number of allergies.
Basset hounds endure arthritis which plagues the breed when they reach old age.
Boxers suffer from heart disease, and a high rate of both cancer and epilepsy.
Perhaps the most visually acute case is that of the German Shepherd show-dogs which have difficulty walking. As a consequence, this type of extreme dog breeding has been widely criticized.




















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