Bernese Mountain Dogs


Mr. Berns


Our dogs are first and foremost a part of our family. They love going for walks on our 160 acres and most live in our home, on our beds and couch. We live on a farm with horses and cats and various other critters so the dogs have plenty of room and time to romp in the fields and woods and enjoy family outtings on the trails. We also have a natural spring that runs through our property, and on hot summer days these are probably the favorite places for the Dogs! We also have a lot of fun in the winter, the dogs and I favorite season, they will get on the sleds and go sledding with us it's a blast!

The Bernese are wonderful family breed, all my bernese are full European lines, wonderful structure, temperament and all around sound healthy dogs

Our Bernese come from various European Breeders, I am very picky on my pedigrees and where my dogs come from and most importantly I never Line or Inbred, to read more about the damage of inbreeding go to things you should know page.

Our dogs are our lives and always with us, I would never subject any of them to the horrors of the show world which is a "human" competition

I am also very picky on the homes my pups go to, I don't raise pups to get "rid" of them I want the very best homes possible for them and families like mine who Love dogs and treat them like family


About Us and Our Berners

We have had Bernese now for nine years and could never imagine not having a Bernese in our lives
Most of my First adults are now retired.We imported 5 male and 4 females from Stokerybos in Belgium and Pachthof Kennels also in Belgium

These puppies are now 2.5 years old and Gorgeous! So pleased Pictures on my boy and girl pages

Owning a bernese is wonderful, they are loyal, affectionate and always happy to see you. Rocki loves to shake a paw first thing in the morning it is his way of saying good morning. Izzy is more vocal and hums and sings, Heidi smacks her tail on the wall, so yes a musical family every morning when I get up

My husband drag races all summer and we sometimes can get away and join him. Rocki is an angel at the track, sleeps under the motorhome where it's cool and comes out to shake people's hands when they come into the pit then goes and lays back down. I can take my Bernese and Newfs anywhere I go, people flock to the dogs and my dogs love it. I never tie them up, I may throw a leash on their backs but they never leave my side or bark

My life is so complete with my wonderful dogs in my life

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Member of the Canadian Kennel Club