Puppies available

Zena and Major Babies

8 weeks old


Available 2 Females and 6 Males

Female 1


Female 2

Male 1

Male 2


Male 3


Male 4

Male 5

Male 6







if you interested in a puppy please take a few minutes to fill out my questionnaire, then we can set up a visit


Read this page before you fill out my questionnaire




If you're interested in one of these pups please fill out my questionnaire and we can set up a visit.

lso have special puppy packages, these packages contain everything you will need for a new pup and are specially designed for Bernese puppies, more details under my starter packages on my main page


Adults available


I have a few adults available, please send me a completed Questionaire and I can send you pictures of the adults I have

Update October 18, 2018

2 female Adults available




Please email me for more information on these adults


I do not ship my puppies or adults.







Pictured above at 9 days old

Please fill out the questionnaire if your wanting to be placed on the puppy list




please email me for more info.








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Member of the Canadian Kennel Club



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