Welcome to the Dog Palace


We Built the barn in 2008, construction took over a year to complete and we did most of the work ourselves

The upstairs is a 1600 sq foot apartment

We decided to tile all the walls for easy clean up, never would I have guessed tiling/grouting was such a big job but glad we did it.

This area is our work area

just renovated the whole barn below is the after pictures

Took out the big storage room and now there is lots of space for puppies to play when families come to visit


washer and dryer and storage rooms

After picture

Now I have room for all the supplies with that big room gone


Back of large room



Front entry


still working on the front entry

Back heated runs for the dog, also includes a grooming room, dog food room and shower room


Outside cemented runs, all have doors to enter into the barn


We have 160 acres that we farm

We have horses, mini donkey's, fainting goats and cats

Sara with her pals

Sara and Billy

Timmy the Donkey

Kekey sleeping on the Luke the horse

Otis Playing with the Horse's ball


Maggie sleeping with the Arthur the cat

We build the house 14 years ago just after we bought the land.

This picture was taken a several years ago, the trees are huge now.

Puppies are all whelped in my bedroom and are there until they are 4 weeks, then we move them to the kitchen to be well socialized with lot of noises and activity


We have a large river a few miles from our home, we take the dogs there all the time in the summer

To raise our dogs and live where we do is a dream come true




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