"What's it like to have a Newfoundland?"

So, what is it really like to have a Newfoundland? I could not imagine life without my Newfs. They are extremely loyal, seem to have a sixth sense about people, both good and bad, are very laid back (as soon as you get beyond the puppy training stage), Extremely in tune with their family, and the most loving breed I have met. If I ever have a sick day my girls are right next to me and won't leave my side. They are very emotional, dislike discord, are creatures of habit, and do not need a ton of room like most people think. They love to be in the house and treated as a lap dog, they don't realize they are giant dogs when they try to sit in your lap.


One of Otis's first pups.


Our dogs go camping with us, they sleep on our beds and are a huge part of our family, I can't even take a shower without one laying against the shower door. They are exceptional around children or anybody who is small, they get along with cats, horses other dogs just fine. They are happy go lucky all the time.

Lindsey my first Grand Baby and Mouse


Are they for everyone? Of course not.

If you require a spotless house, this is not the breed for you.

If you are an active person who likes to walk 10 miles a day this is not the breed for you.

Newfoundlands do drool but not as much as people think. Males more so than females. They tend to drool more if they are nervous, or the obvious, too hot. Or if your taking to long to get their supper ready but it's not a constant drool.They also “blow their coat” a few times per year. They are not perpetual shedders. Newfs do not need to go to the groomer every month. However, they do require brushing; the “slicker” brush is the best for this breed. I also use a metal comb. I would also recommend to take your newf to the groomer, it's a lot of work getting the coats out twice a year and the groomer will do a wonderful job for about 100.00. I groom my own dogs and find it very relaxing and they do to. I have had newfoundland dogs now for over 40 years, they do best in homes that someone is around through the day. They are not guard dogs in anyway, sure they will bark when someone comes but thats about it. They don't like to be alone so living outside alone at night would be something that would make the Newfs unhappy.

I do not line breed or inbreed for the same reason you can't marry your cousin, never made sense to me to do this, and it would surprise you how Many breeders do this for they are Looking for the perfect show dog not the perfect family dog, which is a huge difference. I also do not breed "designer" dogs like Noodles. Not sure why people want to change this beautiful breed.

I don't sell my dog online, I need to meet the families and have them meet the dogs before they are placed on a litter. Reading things on line and seeing pictures of a newf isn't the same as meeting them. You need to make sure this is the breed for you for this is a life long commitment.Obedience is very important right from the get go, these cute little babies grow up to be 200+ lbs and can be very strong and sometimes stubborn, you need to teach them right from wrong as pups for it's hard to do when they out weigh you.

Also, not all Newfs immediately “take” to water. This is something that should be introduced slowly at about 4 to 5 months of age. Some love the water as pups and some do not. My girls just go boating for the snacks.

Feeding a high quality dog food is also paramount. Puppies should be feed Large breed Puppy for 18-24 months Newfoundlands average between 3 to 6 cups a day, provided the kibble you feed is superior. Adding wholesome food is the key to a healthy dog, and less trips to the vet. My dogs eat better than my kids do:-) Supplements are also important, I give puppies and my adults Milk Kefir and pre and probiotics daily, yogurt, table scraps, fruits and cooked veggies, cheese, eggs. I make my own wholesome treats which they Love and I know the ingredients are safe.

Jogging: I am also asked this question by people who are runners and wonder whether a Newfoundland would be good to take along with them. Unless you want to stop numerous times during your run because your Newfoundland decides he is tired and does not wish to continue, the answer is no. Stairs are another bad thing for a growing newf puppy, their bones are soft as they grow to their large size and can't pull their weight up and down stairs. A few stairs are fine but several is just too much.

Guard dogs no, protective yes

Obtaining a puppy is a huge responsibility and they should never be purchased because your children want one, trust me I have children, and the novelty wears off and it's usually the Mom looking after the dog. They are not high maintenance dogs but still require a lot of attention. Newfoundland's do not do well being alone in a shop or living outside. They do best on the couch or Very large dog bed in your room.

Both Breeds are so enjoyable. I spend most of my days laughing at the dogs for they are always doing stupid things and goofing off. They have brought so much joy to my life, couldn't imagine my life with out them...


You can always call me if you have more questions I love to talk about our dogs.



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